i58 Greece

Volunteer with us

We are delighted that you would like to serve with us. The goal of our volunteers is to serve in the name of Jesus and to the glory of God. 

We intend for our team to display these values:

Team Player

Works well with others; thinking more of the team’s good than of personal preference.


Willing to make adjustments—and have adjustments made for you—joyfully and willingly


Desires to learn and be taught new things with an open and responsive attitude, and makes changes in attitude and behavior willingly and quickly


Cares deeply in a tangible way for the needs of those around you.


Submits in a gracious way to leadership, and has regard for the convictions and preferences of all those you interact with. Shows dignity to those whom you serve and those whom you serve with.


Intentionally uplifts and up-builds those around you, through your words, actions and prayers

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