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Frequently Asked Questions

Summertime weather (June-mid-September) is generally hot and quite sunny.  Highs regularly reach 95*F during the day and then cool off to the lower 70*’s at night.  There is very little rain during these months.

As fall (mid-September-November) approaches it begins to get cooler with some rain as well, especially in the later months of the year.  Temperatures normally range from lower 80*’s to mid-50*s in the evenings and overnight.

(December-mid-March) are the winter months of Lesvos.  Overall winters are fairly mild. Average day time temperatures are in the low to mid-50*’s with evening llows reaching the lower 40*’s.  There are almost daily rain showers, with occasional days of sunshine as well. Only on rare occasions will you see flurries, and almost never snow.

As spring approaches (mid-March-May) it begins to warm up and the island becomes a beautiful place with new plants blooming.  There are still rain showers on occasion but not nearly as often as in the winter months.

i58 provides transportation to and from camp daily for all camp shifts.  There are also some shared cars that can be used on occasion if needed to run to the grocery store, etc.

It is recommended to have one just in case you need to drive while you are in Europe.  Anyone who is in Greece for more than one month should be certain to get one before leaving.  They are easily attainable at any AAA in your local area and cost $20.00. You are unable to drive legally in Greece without an international driver’s permit.

This is highly recommended.  Most of the cars on Lesvos are manuals.  This is especially important for volunteers coming for more than one month.

Yes.  It does get chilly, especially in the evenings, and you will wish for warm clothing.  Also a waterproof jacket and shoes or boots will make your stay much more comfortable, especially during the months of October-April.

SIM cards are easy to get upon arrival in Greece.  You will need an unlocked phone in order for the SIM card to work.  It costs approximately 15 euro per month for a cell phone plan with minutes and data.  There is WiFi at the apartments that the volunteers stay in, although the connection isn’t always the greatest.  Also the local restaurants will have WiFi. Anyone who is in Greece for more than one month will want/need an unlocked cell phone.

Many days off are spent relaxing and touring the island.  There are many beautiful places to visit and see. Often during time off people may spend time with their team, play games, hang out, etc.

You will meet people from all over the world during your stay in Greece.  Most i58 volunteers are from the U.S., but many of the other organizations that i58 partners with have volunteers from many different countries

After you apply, i58 will be in contact with you and will put you in touch with a travel agency.  It will generally cost between $900-$1500 for a round trip, but this price will vary from month to month.  You will be responsible to cover this cost.

This depends on the day.  Many days you will be on your feet all day in camp.  Other days will be slower and you will be able to take breaks.  Some days you will be digging ditches, and the next hanging blanket dividers.  Generally though most people will feel fairly tired after a day in camp.

You can go to most banks in Greece and exchange money.  Most times it is cheaper to take an ATM card along and withdraw money on the island at one of the ATM’s, but this is dependent on overseas charges that your bank will charge you.

It is approximately a five minute drive.

A monthly fee of $500 is paid per month by the volunteer.  This helps cover some of the costs of lodging, transportation and a meal per day. On top of this fee, you will be responsible to pay for extra meals, any souvenirs you may wish to take home, personal expenses and anything else that you may wish to buy.  Volunteers generally spend an additional $100-$200 per month.

You are also responsible to find and pay your way to Lancaster, PA, for a two day training before heading to Greece.

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