What is the weather like? What shall I bring to wear?
Expect the weather to be fairly mild overall. In the winter, nighttime temperatures can drop to 40-30 degrees Fahrenheit, and in the daytime, 50-70 degrees. Bring a jacket or two, and some extra layers to wear, but bring warm weather clothing for the daytime. Bring solid shoes or sneakers, something that is comfortable for working, and can get dirty.

Is there a need for clothing donations, or donations of other items for the refugees?
We don’t recommend bringing along items to donate. For the most part, clothing and other donated supplies are readily available here, and it is people like yourself who are actually in high demand. Additionally, donations can be bought on the island if you wish, sometimes for less cost than at home.

What are the Expenses?
Expect the cost of living to amount to 120-180 euro per week. You can easily spend more than this if you are less than frugal, but you can spend less as well. You can expect to spend about 10-15 euro per day on food/groceries, and the rest of this amount is comprised of car rentals, gas, housing costs, etc. Airfare costs around $1,000 USD depending on your flight details.

What about transportation?
While teams are responsible for covering their own transportation costs, a team coordinator will rent a car/cars and have them ready when you arrive. As lodging and amenities are close to the camp, the cost of gasoline should be minimal. Virtually all cars are manual, and not automatic. An international driver’s license is strongly encouraged.

Will I have phone service and internet?
Unless your service provider is T-Mobile, your phone will not work in Greece. We recommend bringing an unlocked cell phone, and buying a Greek SIM card once you arrive. A 10-20 euro SIM card should last for the duration of your stay. If your phone is fairly new, it may already be unlocked. If it is not, and you own your phone, your carrier is legally required to unlock it for you. We recommend confirming this with your service provider before coming. Internet is available at most restaurants and hotels.

What about exchanging/withdrawing money in Greece?
Perhaps the most cost effective way of obtaining spending money is to bring a debit/bank card, and withdraw from ATMs here. Be sure to notify your bank of your travel plans. Credit cards are widely accepted as well, although less so than in America. Once again, if you plan to use a credit card in Greece, be sure to inform your credit card company of your travel plans.