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Camp Moria

Lesvos, Greece

Our Work

In Camp, we are giving the unique opportunity to serve and love on those who have come from war and poverty stricken country, looking for a safe place. Through our work in camp, we have been able to touch thousands of lives, and ask that you would consider joining us in this effort. 

About Us

A large majority of the work i58 does in Greece is in the Moria refugee camp, where refugees are held while they go through the process of applying for asylum and before they can be transferred to the mainland. Due to the massive backlog in the asylum process, and overcrowding on the mainland, a camp which would ideally hold people for only a few days has instead become a semi-permanent home to many as their stays stretch into months and sometimes even years. 

i58 volunteers help with shelter allocation, non-food item distributions, maintenance, warehouse upkeep, and many other projects in camp.  Although numerous jobs are not particularly glorious or fun, countless people are blessed by the work that is done inside camp Moria. Most days in camp are long and tiring; yet additionally contrasted with beautiful moments!  

Going to Greece has changed my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. It’s given me a different perspective on life. I went there not knowing what to expect and left with so much. Seeing what all the refugees in camp have to live with and hearing what all they have lost, yet how much they can still give and have to live for. It’s amazing. I met some of the most kind hearted, giving, caring people in camp. I left my heart there and already made plans to return.

Darralynn Kinniburgh

I went over to Greece pretty sheltered about the refugee crisis and not really having any idea what I was getting myself into or how bad things really are for the refugees..first crossing over the dangerous water only to wind up in a camp with way less than ideal living situations. As staff it seemed like we were always saying no and often had nothing to give, but loving and caring for each situation and occasionally actually being able to give what was being asked for was so rewarding.

Jennifer Steckly

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